What to do if you don’t have enough content ideas?

So much of personal branding is about what you are contributing to the overall conversation. Whether you write, create graphics or make videos, be sure that you’re giving your own personal take and angle on every topic you’re talking about.

  • If you can’t create content at the pace you’d hoped, don’t be afraid to curate content created by others. You can share things you’re reading and listening to, take your audience behind the scenes of what you’re working on, or even just give quick updates to let people know how you’re doing.
  • If you curate content, always make sure to give the original creator credit, and offer a unique perspective on the subject.
  • Try to repurpose your content as much as possible and play with different formats- for example, one article can be shared as a pdf, infographics or short video.
  • Look at FAQ your customers have and build your content around them.