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“Olesija will hold up a mirror from which you can see the future YOU smiling back”
Brendan Dorrian
Non Executive Chairman of Global Retailing People Limited


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Like all of us, I have many roles. I’m a woman, mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, author, coach, consultant, facilitator, and life-long learner. I’m a multi-passionate person with never-ending curiosity and excitement about life, people, and our potential. I’m dedicated to pursuing the aliveness factor in all areas of my life, and I strive to maintain a sense of passion and excitement by following my diverse interests and embracing new experiences. I am committed to achieving excellence in my professional life while prioritizing the well-being of my mind and body. I recognize the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health through regular exercise, proper nutrition, and self-care. I place great importance on building and nurturing personal and professional relationships, as strong relationships are the foundation for our success and happiness. According to the Gallup Survey, 85% of employees are unhappy and actively disengaged at work, and I’m dedicated to changing this equation through my professional expertise and personal example.

my passions

  • Facilitating self-discovery processes help people find out who they truly are, what they really want and find the inner drive and motivation to achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.
  • Empowering individuals and teams to take inspired action when they start believing they have more ability than they thought they did, challenging them to do more than they have done before, and providing them with the proper knowledge, tools & support to make efforts that will yield a positive result.
  • Sharing my knowledge, expertise, and personal experience, inspire people to realize their utmost potential and contribute the most to the world.

My passion for maximizing potential and achieving excellence is backed by the following achievements

Top 5 personal Branding Experts(Thinkers 360, 2024)

250 Women B2B Thought Leaders You Should Follow in 2023 (Thinkers 360)


  • M.B.A in International business administration;
  • AoEC Accredited Executive Coach;
  • International Certified NLP Coach
  • NLP Classic & New Code Certified Practitioner
  • NLP Coaching Excellence Certified Practitioner
  • Systemic Coaching Fundamentals I & II
  • Member of the International Coach Federation;



According to my results on Gallup’s Clifton Strengths, I'm a ‘maximizer’ - I always seek to “transform something strong into something superb”, motivated by a deep-rooted passion for positive transformation in everything I do.

When you maximize something, you make it as good as it can possibly be at that time. It doesn’t and shouldn’t mean though that you let the perfectionism stop you from acting. It means that done is always better than perfect. You constantly, learn, push your comfort zone further and never stop growing ! Because, once you’ve fulfilled your present potential, you in fact then create new space into which you can maximize further. As you learn new skills, or improve existing ones, and as you adjust the lens through which you see others and yourself, more opportunities present themselves, for all involved. This creates a self-directing cyclic motion towards success - as long as you remain aware and open! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for over 20 years; unleashing my own potential, building my own brand, increasing my own visibility, constantly looking to maximize my reach and to extend my capabilities. At times, this involved small movements but at other, more crisis-related times, it meant practically reinventing myself… …always though with the same passion for my life’s mission and purpose, which is for us all to be the best possible versions of ourselves and to maximize who we are, as well as the impact of what we do. I’m dedicated to the pursuit of excellence; average isn’t enough for a me, because I fervently want myself and people I work with to be the best by focusing on key strengths & passions as a way to stimulate personal and professional success. I’m fascinated by people and I can spot talents and strengths in others, often before they do, and I love inspiring excitement in people to realize their full potential.

Some Facts

My Story

  • Managed a steel galvanizing plant at the age of 23
  • Built my own steel trading company, 8*business by the age of 25
  • Built first online footwear shop in Estonia, which united 50 partners, served over 5000 customers and won Best Social Media Award 
  • Lost everything during 2008-2009 financial crisis
  • As a former CEO of Forbes Estonia, helped to bring the world’s
    most trusted business media brand to the business audience in Baltics.


  • Social Media Strategist & Partner at Goal Marketing-multiple-awards winning Social Media agency
  • Founder at Personal Branding Agency Maximizer
  • Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in Sales and
  • 2x Amazon best-selling author “The Brand Named You
    (www.thebrandnamedyou.com) and BLU talks “Business Life and the
    Universe. Vol 4″ (www.blutalksbook.com)
  • Lecturer on Personal Branding at Estonian Business School
  • Contributor at Thrive Global, Modern Warrior Magazine, Expert Circle,

In my early 20’s my career shot off like a rocket. In less than a year, I went from an HR specialist to the CEO of a galvanizing steel plant, and then founded a successful steel trading company just a few years later. By the age of 25, I had everything I could have ever wanted. But then, the financial crisis of 2008/2009 hit me hard, and within a matter of months, I was completely broke and deeply in debt.

Looking back now, I see that this was the best thing that could have happened to me. I had to start from scratch and reinvent myself from the ground up. It was then that I discovered the most valuable asset any person can possess: my true essence, my personal brand DNA:my why, my unique strengths, my values, my story, my network, and how I make people feel.

This realization transformed my life. I picked myself up, published a book, and now run a successful coaching and consulting business. I inspire individuals and businesses to take action, tap into their potential, and make a meaningful difference. I learned that to build an authentic personal brand, I had to know who I am, what I want to do, and, most importantly, why I do it. The biggest obstacle most people face is not taking the time to look inside themselves. As Carl Jung once said, “your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.”

my strengths for your SUCCESS


I focus on quality and prefer working with and for the best. By seeing what each person naturally does best and empowering them to do it, I make individuals, teams and groups better.   I create strengths within groups by enabling people to do what they naturally do best- being themselves and utilizing their unique Personal Brand DNA as their Unique Value Proposition, that no one can copy. Because I believe in my clients, so they start believing in themselves.


I create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, I can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues, weigh alternative paths and determine the best one.


I love to complete tasks, and accomplishments fulfil me. I have a strong inner drive — an innate source of intensity, energy and power that motivates me to work hard to get things done and also inspires people around me to take action


 I have a contagious enthusiasm and can get others excited about what they are going to do. As someone who offers genuine encouragement and an optimistic outlook on life, I have the power to make people feel better, more excited, motivated and inspire to act. I see the best in people & help people experience and enjoy their accomplishments. 

my values


I value GROWTH. As I deepen my expertise and knowledge in the professional field, I provide more insightful and practical advice and guidance to my clients and learn to convey complex information in simple, easy-to-understand ways. Developing greater empathy and understanding of my client's perspectives, needs, and challenges helps me create more relevant and personalized solutions and build trust and stronger relationships with the people I work with, delivering better results and driving greater client success.


As someone who values the pursuit of the aliveness factor, I can bring a unique perspective to my client's success. By prioritizing personal growth, staying open to new ideas, and fostering a sense of passion and purpose in my own life, I inspire my clients to do the same. I recognize the importance of work-life balance and strive to model this for my clients, encouraging them to prioritize their well-being, learn to manage their state, and avoid burnout. Embodying the value of aliveness in my own life and work can inspire and empower my clients to achieve success, happiness, and fulfillment in their own lives on their terms.

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