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DIGITAL YOU: Elevate your expertise into a powerful digital personal brand.

Personal branding enhanced with N.L.P.

LinkedIn Top Personal Branding Voice.

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Very profound, informative, structured, highly professional

Olesija has amazing energy and very deep knowledge and experience in many areas which allows her to share great insights, as well as equip YOU with the right tools.

DIGITAL YOU: Elevate your expertise into a powerful digital personal brand.

About Olesija

From steering a steel galvanizing plant at 23, building a 7+ figure business by 25, to losing everything during a financial crisis and reinventing myself from below zero, my journey has been anything but ordinary...


"Olesija is an inspiring and well-structured speaker who empowers you and increases your belief in yourself and your brand. She is making you feel as a person with exceptional potential...

Media features

I speak and write to inspire people to be the best possible version of themselves and share their unique talents with the world. For previous features, topics, and media kit, click...

A very good actionable methodology

Love her, she clearly is an expert!

Work with me

Personal branding clarity session

60-minute NLP-Driven Personal Brand Clarity Session

Identify the current strengths and gaps in your brand through NLP-driven insights. Pinpoint areas of improvement to align and maximize your personal brand. Get actionable strategies to elevate your brand’s authenticity, clarity, and alignment.

Personal branding breakthrough session

A transformative experience designed to empower you with a solid personal branding strategy and equip you with the tools to overcome any challenges that may hinder your success. Over 3-4 hours, we will dive deep into personal branding and leverage the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to unlock your true potential.

DFY Personal branding

My mission is to equip our clients with the elite personal branding strategies they need to thrive in the digital world. Through expert guidance and NLP (Neuro-lingvistic programming) coaching, we help you unleash your unique strengths, passions, and values to craft a compelling personal brand that enables you to connect with the right people and leaves a lasting impact. But there is more, we also provide full done-for you support, so that you could focus on what you do best, while we spread your message, build your thought-leadership and maximize your impact.

Personal brand Maximizer

1:1 6-month coaching program

Designed to ignite your online presence, this program focuses on activating and amplifying your personal brand through a tailored strategy that resonates with your core identity and professional objectives. We’ll dive deep into optimizing your social media channels to ensure maximum visibility and engagement, crafting a dynamic content plan that captivates your audience. Throughout our journey together, you’ll receive ongoing feedback and adaptive strategies to fine-tune your approach, ensuring your personal brand not only resonates but also evolves with the digital landscape. Additionally, we’ll focus on expanding your network, connecting you with key individuals and communities that align with your brand’s vision and values. Empower your personal brand with the tools and insights needed to stand out and thrive in the digital world

Personal brand Monetizer

9-month 1:1 coaching program.

Tailored specifically to your unique professional goals, this program offers personalized guidance on creating a powerful personal brand strategy, optimizing your social media presence, and crafting engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Benefit from continuous, adaptive feedback as we work together to expand your network, develop a compelling product mix, and strategically package your offerings. Together, we’ll design a customer journey and sales funnel that not only captivates but converts, paving the way for you to successfully monetize your personal brand. With our dedicated support, you’ll emerge with a strong, profitable personal brand that stands out in the digital landscape.  Let’s elevate your personal brand to new heights!


Turn your employees into passionate, happy and motivated brand ambassadors.

Helping your  team to maximize their full potential with strategic personal branding, creating win-win solutions on multiple levels both for themselves, your corporate brand, your existing and potential employees, as well as your customers and industry as a whole.

Great teacher - systematic, passionate and insightful!

Love, love, love - very professional and supportive

Transforming what is strong,

into SUPERB.


Year of experience







The Brand Named You

Olesija Saue & Evelin Org

This book has been inspired by many exceptional people around us who
have a wealth of knowledge, experience and thoughts to share with others,
but who often struggle with how exactly they should do it.

The aim of this book is to help you think through and create your own ideal personal brand, and once that has been done, to also package it attractively and market it effectively.

“The Brand Named You” is an outstanding step-by-step guide for exceptional personal brand positioning. A unique blend of authors’ expertise will help you discover your core reputation branding values and show you how to use them to elevate your online presence and business. This book is not just something every coach, consultant, an entrepreneur should read but also CEOs who are aware that the future of successful business depends strongly on their and their employee’s personal brands.”

Catherine B. Roy, CEO & Founder, Award-winning Thought Leader, Internationally recognized Personal Growth& Business Coach

I read somewhere that you only need one person to believe in you, to fly. Olesija is the mentor I needed so much at a turning point in my life and career. In her immersive programme and with her expert guidance, she allowed me the time to reflect on who I really am and what my personal mission is – something we tend to forget in the rush of the everyday, especially when juggling in multiple roles 24/7 – something that is so important if we want to achieve our goals! Her encouragement and faith in my uniqueness (and the mismatched-unexpected skills that may be more useful than I thought) gave back “the me that I left behind” on the road of trying to fit into the “corporate mold”, being afraid that if I show who I really am, I may not be taken seriously enough, etc…. I am excited about the journey to come!
I warmly recommend Olesija to everyone who is on the road to self-discovery and wants to expand their networks to find their own tribe!

Edina C.Senior Social Programme Officer, European Investment Bank (EIB)

Olesija is an excellent example of a coach and trainer who truly embraces her strengths! As a true maximizer she does everything with great passion and makes sure that her clients get the best of the best she can offer. I truly admire her holistic and strategic view – she is very good at helping you to see bigger picture even when you can’t see it yourself yet. Her positivity and commitment inspire and motivate to get moving towards the goal. I highly recommend her a your coach or mentor on your journey on building your personal brand!

Aili NurmeotsExecutive and Team Coach | Gallup Strengths Coach | Leadership Trainer,

Olesija is an amazing businesswoman. In every aspect, she aims to strive for more. She has a very analytical and mindful mind. Which is an amazing compliment for her strategic planning and outlook. She knows not only how to internalize and execute. Use that and teach it and implement it in others as well. She comes from an authentic place which is the core of her success. The insight and wisdom are hidden within her.

Ammar SaleehTalent partner, Powur, PBC

I am absolutely impressed with dedication, precise strategies, eye for details, focus, knowledge as well as a sharp mind and a huge heart Olesija has. If I was to imagine my ideal client, coach or a business partner who is a pleasure to work with, Olesija would be my first choice! I highly recommend hiring Olesija on your personal branding journey and don’t miss her book “The Brand Named You” . I had a pleasure to read it and I am sure that it will enormously help you to establish your unique, powerful personal brand!

Catherine B.RoyInternational Business Coach & Best-Selling Author, LHM International

Olesjia is a top-level brand manager and a real pleasure to work with. I approached Olesjia to advise with my business launch, media attention, exposure of the company with articles and coaching on how to maximize the public perception of our company in our targeted channels. Her key strengths are a hands-on approach, fast and responsive work and the ability to strategize on the best way of delivering a good message. I highly recommend Olesijas’s competencies and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Toomas AllikasFounder & CEO, Greenful Group

Collaboration with Olesija has been rewarding. Her skillset mix is a great combination of corporate strategy, digital business development, and personal branding. Olesija’s positively inspirational mindset is combined with a professional and systematic approach – a formula that generates high impact. Olesija builds the frameworks where people and organizations as a whole can accelerate their brand ambition execution. I recommend teaming up with her when you are looking to level up your corporate and/or personal brand that relay on your own well-defined DNA.

Mart MaasikHead of Entrepreneurship / Investment Director, Tartu University

Olesija is an energetic and high-mission businesswoman. She always sees opportunities, believes in herself and instils it in others. It is good to develop together with her. The ability to create a personal brand is one of the basic skills in today’s world. Together with Olesija is easy to learn to create it. She shows you the starting point for how to build the world you want to live in. She is a great coach.

Ülle SusiInterim manager, coach & mentor,

If you have no meaning, you are not a brand. What could be a better wake-up call to millions of executives to finally come on stage, stop hiding behind corporate signs and start gaining trust from the clients.
If you want to grow your value in a job market, or if you want to protect your business – use Olesija’s very straightforward technics to flood your ventures with a torrential downpour of buyers. Remember people stick to those who hold big ideas, since majority do not have their own. Express your ideas – build your personal brand

Arkadijs SteimansFounder, Changer Club

Olesija is a very inspiring woman with bright energy who is an amazing advisor and coach in personal branding. She knows how to make the journey of discovering and getting crystal clear on your true mission very practical and enjoyable. The BRAND NAMED YOU book gives you the step-by-step process to follow in order to create and develop your own personal brand. It was such a great added value to go through this process while being coached 1:1 by Olesija. She helps you understand your WHY very clearly which leads to setting actionable goals.

Kadi OjaDirector of Mindvalley University & Legal Advisor, Mindvalley

Our company needed a social selling strategy. We spent an effective day with Olesija analysing where our business is and how to build a presence on social media. I was impressed by Olesija’s professional approach. She is a true social-selling professional who knows how to drive sales. I can strongly recommend Olesija to anyone who needs results from social selling!

Stiina LehtiBoard member, Odensö

Olesija’s media expertise rocks! She really knows her sorcery, and especially how to engage your online audience. What amazes me most about Olesija is her integrity and the authenticity of her work; she clearly avoids doing pointless tasks, and values accomplishing the right thing straight away. Her desire to give the customer her best has a noticeable effect on customer relationships and on the results. Olesija is undoubtedly one of the pillars of social media reputation management, and any organisation would be wise to seek her input.

Tõnis MuttOwner, 2Trainers

Olesija is a great passionate speaker who conveys knowledge and changes the listeners’ mindset, injects faith in them, and inspires them to act. This is just who she is- speaking is in her DNA. I have shared the stage with her as a guest speaker and had her speak at my event. Both experiences were uplifting and inspiring. If you want a speaker for your event who truly adds value to your audience and makes them think and act, then don’t look any further and contact her.

Timo PorvalMarketing Strategist, Lavii Marketing, Turunduslabor

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