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Social media strategist, Personal branding expert & Certified Executive Coach.

Helping executives and aspiring business owners to expand their reach, stand out from the competitors and achieve their goals through strategic personal branding.

“Hi, my name is Olesija Saue, I’m a business strategist at a multiple-awards winning social media agency, certified executive coach, personal branding expert, and co-author of the book on personal branding The Brand Named You.

I help Coaches, Consultants, Experts, and professionals as well as seasoned executives to amplify their personal brand , expand their influence and reach their business goals.”

Featured Clients

Featured Business Clients
The Brand Named You

The Brand Named You

Olesija Saue & Evelin Org

This book has been inspired by many exceptional people around us who
have a wealth of knowledge, experience and thoughts to share with others,
but who often struggle with how exactly they should do it.

The aim of this book is to help you think through and create your own ideal personal brand, and once that has been done, to also package it attractively and market it effectively.

Download 3 first chapters for free and get noticed about the special launch offer.

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“Olesija will hold up a mirror from which you can see the future you smiling back”

Brendan Dorrian Non Executive Chairman of Global Retailing People Limited

M.B.A in International business administration;
AoEC Accredited Executive Coach;
Member of the International Coach Federation;
Seasoned enterpreneur with 20+ years of business experience;

Timo Porval

Olesija is a great passionate speaker who conveys knowledge and changes the listeners’ mindset, injects faith in them, and inspires them to act. This is just who she is- speaking is in her DNA. I have shared the stage with her as a guest speaker and had her speak at my event. Both experiences were uplifting and inspiring. If you want a speaker for your event who truly adds value to your audience and makes them think and act, then don’t look any further and contact her.

Timo Porval

Marketing Strategist at Lavii Marketing
Toomas Allikas

Olesjia is a top-level brand manager and a real pleasure to work with. I approached Olesjia to advise with my business launch, media attention, exposure of the company with articles and coaching on how to maximize the public perception of our company in our targeted channels. Her key strengths are a hands-on approach, fast and responsive work and the ability to strategize on the best way of delivering a good message. I highly recommend Olesijas’s competencies and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Toomas Allikas

Serial entrepreneur
Mart Maasik

Collaboration with Oleasija has been rewarding. Her skillset mix is a great combination of corporate strategy, digital business development, and personal branding. Olesija’s positively inspirational mindset is combined with a professional and systematic approach – a formula that generates high impact. Olesia builds the frameworks where people and organizations as a whole can accelerate their brand ambition execution. I recommend teaming up with her when you are looking to level up your corporate and/or personal brand that relay on your own well-defined DNA.

Mart Maasik

Kaisa Pelt

Olesija and Evelin contributed to SEB Ambassador’s program and helped our employees to realise why it is important to work with your personal brand and shared several tips and tricks to do so. They were very supportive throughout the process and encouraged our employees to go on a full-on personal brand journey. It was lovely to see how committed everyone in the process were and how our ambassadors became more courageous. I am genuinely happy that developing a personal brand is getting more popular and even so-called regular people can do it. As Olesija and Evelin said, if you are not creating your personal brand then someone else will do it for you, and maybe not in the way as you really want and not according to who you really are. I definitely recommend everyone to keep up to date with the things that Olesija and Evelin do and learn how to develop your personal brand step by step

Kaisa Pelt

Talent Acquisition Partner at SEB Eesti
Stephanie Schaffner

The Brand Named You is THE personal branding book you need to read! Outstanding and so so helpful! Never read a book about personal branding that shows how to build your brand step by step! Such an amazing book from these two professional lady’s! Olesija is an outstanding, professional expert in her field. I love to work with her.

Stephanie Schaffner

Certified Trainer for Stress Management