R.Tobiase 8, Tallinn, Estonia

If you are interested in new ways of finding potential customers and reaching out to decision-makers, please contact me and we will find the right solution for you. I will analyse your and your competitors’ activities on social media and then get together and discuss how to make these channels work for you.


20+ years of hands-on experience in sales and marketing. As an entrepreneur, I understand the real needs and can distinguish the essential from the non-essential. I will help ensure that you meet your goals.


A Master’s degree in Strategic International Business Management. I will analyse your business model and your competitors and help you find something that makes you stand out.


Strategic approach. Why and for whom do you do it? What is your goal and what is the value of what you are offering. We will find answers to these and many other important questions.


I want to and am able to delve into the field of every client and offer tailor-made working solutions. I consider the needs of each individual company or person taking part in the training course.



Specific, personalised training for Instagram and LinkedIn


Simple, yet effective strategies for social media channels and social marketing channels, that work.


Finding the right B2B partners and initial communication at decision making level.


Company-specific consultation/training that provides knowledge and a clear understanding of why and how to proceed.


Old sales techniques not working? Why not integrate social selling into your sales process and train your sales people to do things that work in today’s world


The strategy is in place and the training has given you the necessary pointers and inspiration, but there isn’t much time and other important things need doing… I can help oversee the agreed strategy, advise where needed and ensure the achievement of set goals.


Stiina Lehti
Odensö AB
Marketing Manager

Our company needed a social selling strategy. We spent an effective day with Olesija analysing where our business is and how to build a presence on social media. I was impressed by Olesija’s professional approach. She is a true social-selling professional who knows how to drive sales. I can strongly recommend Olesija to anyone who needs results from social selling!

Kadri Alekõrs
Tallink Group AS
Marketing Manager

Olesija’s LinkedIn’s personal training in HR was educational and interesting. She shared a lot of exciting information about LinkedIn’s features and how to use them.

Tõnis Mutt
2 Trainers

Olesija’s media expertise rocks! She really knows her sorcery, and especially how to engage your online audience. What amazes me most about Olesija is her integrity and the authenticity of her work; she clearly avoids doing pointless tasks, and values accomplishing the right thing straight away. Her desire to give the customer her best has a noticeable effect on customer relationships and on the results. Olesija is undoubtedly one of the pillars of social media reputation management, and any organisation would be wise to seek her input.

Polina Miina
Lean Enterprise Estonia
Marketing Manager

I am very happy and thankful to Olesija that she knows how to describe tricky things about B2B in a very understandable way. The advice she has already given me and will give me in the future is relevant and always useful, and has given me a positive kick and the courage to think, perform and act.





  • Content that works on Instagram
  • How to create an account that stands out
  • Specific examples from previous participants
  • How to get followers
  • How to increase engagement


  • Bio and Profile
  • Tags
  • Highlights and Introduction of Services
  • IG Stories
  • IG Questions
  • IG TV
  • Follow
  • Find out more
  • Useful Apps
  • Promotion
  • Gauging and Analysis
  • Planning
  • Tips and pointers


  • Objectives
  • Value
  • Target group
  • Differentiating yourself
  • Content ideas
  • Plan

Customer service

  • customer involvement
  • IG Direct and IG stories in customer service
  • involvement of influencers

Analysis of participants’ accounts:

  • + specific practical recommendations

Practical Workshop:

  • at your choice (instagram live, IG Stories, tips for taking photos)
  • One of the best training sessions on social media I have ever attended. Thank you!
  • The Instagram world became clearer and there was a realisation about how much of it cannot be managed. Surprisingly technical and practical.
  • I did not think that it would be followed by such a thorough targeted feedback and analysis. It was very helpful.
  • Suitable for both beginners and intermediate levels.
  • I got some much needed knowledge about how to make myself visible on Instagram, get viewers/followers, generate interest in R2 radio station and increase its audience.
  • Very interesting and useful, I was inspired!
  • Very interesting and thorough, lots of useful information for work purposes.
  • In most cases, one hears very little that’s new at training courses. This time it was the other way around.
  • Very exciting training. I got a lot of useful practical knowledge.
  • Very practical. I thought that as an Instagram user, I already knew everything, but she taught me a lot of new information.
  • It met my expectations and I got the right answers to my questions.
  • I liked that the trainer had also analysed the participants’ accounts.
  • I was very happy with the day, I learned a lot.
  • The content was substantial and exciting for both beginners and experienced IG users.
  • Very practical.
  • The speaker spoke well about her topic, she was clearly a professional.
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  • jpt

Background research – similar companies and their activities on social media. Your company’s sales process and social media audit.

Introduction of the channel

What is Linkedin. What differentiates Linkedin from other social networks? Why should I use Linkedin? Operation mechanism, best practices and the code of conduct.

Personal profile  

How to create a professional, optimised, customer-centred profile that attracts potential customers. Creating your profile through the eyes of your ideal customer. What to say and how to say it, so that your potential customer will want to contact you immediately. Personal and company branding on Linkedin.

Company website

Creating/optimising your company’s website. Using Showcase pages for introducing products/services.

Sales Navigator and its capabilities.

Targeted search and establishing contact. How to send a contact request so that it gets accepted.

Content that works on LinkedIn.

Opportunities for promoting oneself

Gauges – how to gauge, analyse and recognise whether your selected strategy is getting you closer to your goal.
Sales process – specific steps and activities that help you get sales.
Plan – a specific plan that can be implemented instantly.

  • It was interesting. Starting with the big picture of LinkedIn and then moving onto finer details is a very good way of doing it.
  • Very good. I liked that everyone was involved – we were not just listening to a monologue. We’ve been able to talk about our current strengths and weaknesses, what is working well and what is not, and how to proceed from here. The structure was very logical and understandable, and easy to follow.
  • Very thoroughly prepared. Also, once again, a reminder that we need to look at things from the customer’s point of view, not just focus on what we want to say.
  • Logically structured with meaningful remarks in-between.
  • Great. Happy. Optimistic. Enthusiastic. Looking ahead. Inspirational.           
  • Very practical and inspirational.
  • Very informative and interesting training.
  • I learnt a lot.
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  • Estiko Plastar AS
  • Omniva AS
  • PLM Group
  • Affecto
  • Dispak AS
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  • Wallenium OÜ
  • Palms Mehaanikakoda OÜ
  • Transocean AS
  • Villup Uuringud OÜ
  • Wiedemanni Tõlkebüroo OÜ
  • Poopuu& Paasik OÜ
  • Lean Enterprise OÜ
  • Simeon Transport OÜ
  • Alas Kuul AS
  • Astrec Data OÜ
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  • Optimist Public
  • Oxford Sustainable
  • jpt


R.Tobiase 8,
Tallinn, 10147

Mobile: +372 5089351

Skype: olesija_saue

Email: olesija@goal.ee