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“Hi, my name is Olesija Saue, I’m a business strategist at a multiple-awards winning social media agency, certified executive & NLP coach, personal branding expert, and co-author of the book on personal branding The Brand Named You. I help executives & teams to maximize their potential, expand their reach & increase their impact, while being authentic, fully alive & passionate about their life & their work.

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executive personal branding and coaching


"Olesija is an inspiring and well-structured speaker who empowers you and increases your belief in yourself and your brand. She is making you feel as a person with exceptional potential.  She is definitely the one who should speak in the event where people want to achieve something extraordinary in their lives.  In addition, she is really straight-to-the-point type of speaker and handles and involves the audience in a way where everyone feels special." Ivar Raav 

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executive personal branding and coaching

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I speak and write to inspire people to be the best possible version of themselves and share their unique talents with the world. For previous features, topics, and media kit, click below:

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The Brand Named You

Olesija Saue & Evelin Org

This book has been inspired by many exceptional people around us who
have a wealth of knowledge, experience and thoughts to share with others,
but who often struggle with how exactly they should do it.

The aim of this book is to help you think through and create your own ideal personal brand, and once that has been done, to also package it attractively and market it effectively.


“The Brand Named You” is an outstanding step-by-step guide for exceptional personal brand positioning. A unique blend of authors’ expertise will help you discover your core reputation branding values and show you how to use them to elevate your online presence and business. This book is not just something every coach, consultant, an entrepreneur should read but also CEOs who are aware that the future of successful business depends strongly on their and their employee’s personal brands.”

Catherine B. Roy, CEO & Founder, Award-winning Thought Leader, Internationally recognized Personal Growth& Business Coach



100 practical steps, easy-to-follow framework, proven system that works

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  • Ever felt like you’re shouting in a crowded room and no one’s listening?

    It might not be WHAT you’re saying, but WHERE you’re coming from. In our rapidly changing digital age, the buzz about ‘personal branding’ often orbits around aesthetics, visibility, and outreach. Strategies, tacktics and algorithm hacks are all great. But a core element that truly determines the potency of any brand is inner Alignment. Inner alignment

    November 28, 2023
  • How can you sell without being too salesy?

    Personal branding isn’t about ‘selling’ yourself. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. It’s about positioning yourself as a visible and credible resource for those who could genuinely benefit from your expertise and experience. IT IS ABOUT THOSE YOU CAN HELP. Here’s how to build a magnetic personal brand without feeling ‘salesy’: Value first: Always lead with

    November 21, 2023
  • Personal Brand VS Personal Brand DNA

    Everyone seems to be on the “build your personal brand” bandwagon. Surely, you’ve scrolled past posts boasting, “How I gained XX followers in XX days!” But behind these attention-grabbing numbers is the foundational essence that truly elevates a brand: its intrinsic Personal Brand DNA. Personal Brand vs. Personal Brand DNA: Consider them as the reputation

    November 14, 2023
  • You are waiting, but no one’s calling?

    You are putting in the effort: sharing posts, showcasing value, and even sharing your personal stories. Yet, that phone stays silent. No calls. No customers. Wondering why? 1. Unclear Branding: Does your audience know precisely how you can help them?2. Audience Mismatch: Are your messages tailored to your ideal customer’s heartbeat?3. Whispered CTA: Are your

    November 7, 2023
  • What makes your posts truly VALUABLE ?

    Key Takeaways: Answer the burning questions your customers constantly ask. Break down your vast knowledge into bite-sized learnings. Read an insightful article or research piece? Share a concise summary! Aim to inform, save time, and provide actionable steps for your audience. Share insights, key learnings and trends you observed from a conference you attended.  Personal

    October 31, 2023
  • Ever wondered how your inner state can directly influence your brand’s success?

    Following my last video on the convergence of NLP and Personal Branding, I’ve decided to delve deeper. Personal branding isn’t just about the external image we portray, but it’s deeply intertwined with our internal beliefs, fears, and aspirations. And most importantly- our inner state. There are many techniques to change our state, but the quickest

    October 24, 2023
  • Ready to silence your Inner Critic and shine online?

    Imagine being backstage at a conference. You’re surrounded by anticipation, the hum of preparation, and a touch of nervous excitement. The audience is out there, waiting. But until you take that bold step onto the stage, the value remains hidden, the impact unmade. In the digital realm, it’s not all that different. Many of us

    October 17, 2023
  • Ever wondered why some personal brands attract while others repel?

    A lot of focus in personal branding is on choosing the right channels, finding the quick strategy, refining the messages- all the “packaging” staff. And yes, it is important. However, the real catalyst for a magnetic personal brand isn’t your carefully designed logo or your polished elevator pitch; it’s something far deeper. Your inner state—your

    October 10, 2023
  • Are you feeling stuck?

    Let’s talk about two things that are so closely intertwined: feeling stuck and finding your inner light. We’ve all felt like sailors shipwrecked on a secluded island, shrouded in fog that blinds us to our own brilliance. This island is our comfort zone—safe, yet stagnant. Inside you is an unacknowledged treasure—your skills, your strengths, your

    August 1, 2023
  • Are you selling yourself short?

    I don’t want to sell myself … I don’t want to package myself as a product or humblebrag… I’m not sure I have anything valuable enough to ‘sell. I don’t know how to sell myself. I’m not a marketer or salesperson. How can I sell if I don’t know what makes me special? Putting myself

    July 20, 2023
  • Ever wondered why to post on LinkedIn?

    Seriously, why do that? The question goes beyond surface-level motivations and delves into the heart of personal branding and networking in the digital age. There’s no denying that LinkedIn is flooded with a myriad of content – from marketing advices to humblebrags about professional achievements & announcements of new business ventures. It can sometimes feel

    July 10, 2023
  • A strong digital personal brand is not …

    Meeting incredible, talented, and passionate entrepreneurs driven by a grand vision who have already achieved remarkable results and built strong physical brands truly excites me about my job. But even more, I love shifting the paradigm. Personal branding is not a vanity fair reserved for politicians or wannabe influencers. In today’s digital age, it is an

    July 1, 2023