How well are you represented online?

Your digital personal brand is one crucial part of your personal brand.

  • When someone checks your profile picture on social media, what impression do they get about you?
  • When someone looks at your profile on LinkedIn, what information do they get about you?
  • Are you seen as a thought leader on social media or you only have an account there?
  • If a potential partner, customer, employer or investor is to check your profile on social media, would they be impressed with what they see?

Your digital footprint is one aspect of your personal brand that you should really pay attention to because you can and should control it.
You can easily move to the next level all because someone checked your brand online and was impressed with what they saw.

In the same manner, people can check out your digital presence and decide NOT TO network with you, invest in that business, or even give you the next major career move you’re looking for. Which scenario would you prefer? No brainer, right?