Do you want to know what is the most important thing about personal branding?

There are basically two cliche answers to this question and 99% of personal branding experts will give you the same answer- personal branding is all about authenticity and consistency. And I fully agree with them. But knowledge without action is knowledge wasted.

We all know, that consistent right actions bring results in any area of our life, and personal branding is no exception. Consistency develops routines and builds momentum.

We all know that, but knowing and doing is not the same.

The real question is- HOW to be consistent, given the fact, that we all have our busy lives, never-ending to-do lists and let’s be honest- from time to time simply lack motivation.

For me, the secret source that makes or breaks consistency is planning ahead. Planning is the only thing, that works both for the company’s content creation as well as for personal branding.

In today’s video, I’m talking about planning your content ahead in more details.