Should you as a company use the personal brands of your employees? And should you pay your employees for that?

I would say, that the easiest and most effective way for creating a strong company brand nowadays is the development of the professional personal brands of its employees.
Regardless of whether you are active in the B2B or B2C field, your customers want to see real people behind the company’s brand.

They believe in these real people and their real messages much more than they would ever believe in a well-thought-through press release or skillfully written content marketing article. People inevitably get a certain impression of your employees. How and to what extent we are able to, or want to, work on it and whether we use it for achieving our professional goals or not, it is still branding. Yes, with each micro-activity we can build up and awaken the whole company brand in the minds of people.

Personal branding, like branding in general, means acting in a purposeful and thought-out manner. It involves not only communication outside the company but also inside it. The employees’ voice has a lot of weight and the employer’s brand becomes stronger the more motivated and informed its spokespeople and brand ambassadors are in the company. If you want more queries and to grow sales, you must invest in your employees and help them create strong personal brands. Via your employees, the content and value created by your marketing team will reach the right customers much faster and more effectively. 

How? Let’s discuss this in today’s video.