How to start with brand ambassador programs?

Employee advocacy/brand ambassador programs are becoming more and more popular. This makes me super happy because I firmly believe that only real people can humanize the brand.

Today, we can say that a strong corporate brand consists of two things -strong personal brand of the founder or CEO of the company and strong personal brands of the employees.

The stronger the company’s personal brands, the stronger, more visible, and more credible the corporate brand. But quite often, I hear one question, what are the things to consider once you’re just starting?

Let’s look at the 4 Steps to start- 4 P.


You have to understand what strong personal brands the employees would give to your company, where you want to arrive, what is the goal of the program? And what would it give to your people?


Try to involve them in the process from the start because this will help them understand why they’re doing their job and why they’re passionate about the company or the product or service you provide. They will have a lot of different ideas, and they will feel involved and committed to the process.


Plan all the steps of the program, what you would be doing, how you would launch the pilot program, what would you do next, how you would train your employees, how you would help them along the process.


And last but not least, put together a training program, because your employees, even if they’re passionate about their job, really need support, both technical and emotional.

And they would need it on a regular basis, so make sure that this is an enjoyable marathon, not an exhausting sprint.