Help your employees to help you

How do you distribute content to amplify the message, knowledge, and brand presence?

In the context of brand ambassador programs, companies often expect people to start creating their own unique content from scratch.

Although some of your brand ambassadors may become thought leaders who will start to create their own content, it all takes time. Most people need inspiration, ideas, and technical support to keep momentum and consistency.

So, your role as a company is to provide that. Some of the things to consider:

👉 Ideas & resources database
For example, you could easily monitor company news, industry news, and important trends that would provide value to the audience and share it with your employees. In this way, each of your employees could get this information quickly, find the topics that truly resonate with them, and put the message into their words.
👉 Help with copywriting
👉 Technical help with posting
👉 Bi-weekly/monthly meetings for ideas generation

One of the important things is to keep your employees on track so that they will get constant reminders of the importance of the topic and also will get ideas of how and what to post on social media.