How do you align personal branding with the corporate brand?

It’s all about authentic expression and true impact. Employees as brand ambassadors, carry not just the company’s image but their unique value, knowledge, experiences, and essence to the outside world.

Encouraging each team member to find and harness their authentic voice ensures online and offline consistency. But it goes beyond just authenticity – it’s about aligning shared values, personal interests, and focusing on topics that truly resonate.

Employee advocacy is not about simply sharing the company’s posts. Even with the LinkedIn algorithm promoting instant reshare, the real value lies in aligning personal values and topics of interest with those of a company.

When people speak from the heart about what matters most to them, it amplifies the authenticity and impact of your brand message. It increases the visibility, credibility, and, most importantly, relatability of your company brand.

Watch the video for insights on nurturing authentic brand ambassadors who amplify and elevate your brand.

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