Is personal branding the same as putting a lipstick on a pig?

Personal branding for executives has a bad reputation because many see it as being insincere and inauthentic and just sort of like putting lipstick on a pig. But in reality, it helps to humanise the brand and build the necessary level of likeability and trust among clients, employees or other stakeholders.

Everyone has a personal brand, but having it is not enough. If we want to be successful in today’s digital environment, our personal brand needs a thought-through strategic approach and proactive management as well as good promotion to make our personal brand well-known and credible.

Developing a clear and consistent personal brand complements and further solidifies your business brand—while at the same time helping you achieve personal development, growth, enhanced career success as well as serves as a golden parachute.

1. It Separates You From The Competition
2. It Attracts Clients, Customers and Employees
3. It Establishes You As an Industry Leader/Expert
4. It Shows What You Stand For
5. It Serves as a “golden” parachute