Is reputation management & personal branding the same?

Your reputation is what you were to others in the past, your brand is about who you are now and whom you want to be in the future. Your brand is the promise. In an essence, your personal brand is a happy marriage between your personality & your potential.

Here is how I see the 5P process of building a brand:

Your current reality and your future goals-what are you known for and what do you want to be known for?

Establishing your own circle of influence. You don’t need a household name to achieve your goals- you just need a strong presence in the right places.

Today, your personal brand is what people know about you BEFORE YOU enter the room. Personal branding is taking control of that perception and shaping it into whatever you’d like it to be.

It is not only what you say about yourself, but what proves your claims-testimonials, public speaking, articles, SM followers, etc.

Monetization is not the place to start on your personal brand journey, but it is the direction that you have to have in mind from the start.