Want to increase your company’s message reach & engagement?

Share it through a personal account. And make sure your employees do the same. How? Through personal branding. The international PR company MSL Group highlights that employees have on average ten times more social contacts than companies and that if the company’s message is shared by the employee, it reaches 561% further than via the company’s official channels.

Of course, many companies would use this opportunity if it was that easy. Often, the problem is that employees do not want to share this content on their own channels. However, it can be made useful for both parties. If you focus strategically on creating and developing employees’ personal brands, the wide-spread problem that the employees do not want to share or do not care to share the company’s message will disappear. They would do it with pleasure. They just need to be given a reason why they should do it. Growing and developing their professional personal brand is a very good reason.