Why should companies be investing in the personal brands of their employee?

In the previous videos, we’ve been discussing the maximizer effect of strong personal brands on the company’s message on the visibility and credibility of the brand. But let’s add one crucial point to the discussion.

Your employees, who have strong personal brands and understand their personal brand DNA, live their values, know their why, follow their passion, expand on their topics of interest, and their operate from their strengths can become not only your loyal brand ambassadors but grow into authentic influencers & industry thought leaders.

If personal brands are integrated into employer branding, your people’s message will be aligned with your company’s values and your company story. Your people will amplify and spread your company’s message. And each of them will bring a unique perspective, unique angles, and unique expertise & make your company’s message truly diverse and relatable to various audiences.

In addition, different researches show that people involved in brand ambassador programs would stay with the company through difficult times. And they would be more satisfied with their life and their work.

Why? Because they would have personal meaning, and they would also work ( and share) with passion from their zone of genius. And this is an excellent resource to change the equation, where, according to Gallup research, 85% of people nowadays hate their job.

So if you want happy and productive employees working for your company, invest in them in their personal brands.