I will do this when…

I will do this when…

  • I finish this course…
  • I get those credentials…
  • I get this diploma…

Ever thought like this while putting off something you know you want to do and it could help you and your clients?

How many more courses are enough? 
How many more diplomas must I hang on my wall to feel I’m enough, that I’m ready?
To embrace who I am and start sharing my unique gifts with the world?

Those were the questions I asked myself a couple of years ago when I realized I once again procrastinated on a very important project. No matter how much I learned & practiced, I continued to doubt myself. What I experienced was an infamous imposter syndrome.

Every day I see exceptional talented professionals haunted by the same fears, doubting their own accomplishments and fearing that others will “find out” that they’re not as competent as they think. The fascinating paradox about the Imposter syndrome is that it mainly affects people who know the most about their subject and industry. The more we know, the more we realize how much we still don’t know. Unfortunately, Imposter syndrome not only makes us miserable but can be a major roadblock to developing a strong personal brand.

So, how can you overcome Imposter Syndrome and let your personal brand shine?

Here are a few actionable steps:

  • Look for patterns in your behavior, such as self-doubt, downplaying your achievements, or attributing your success to luck. 
  • Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Embrace your unique skills and talents, and accept that you’re not perfect. Nobody is! This is a crucial step in overcoming imposter syndrome ( and building an authentic personal brand )
  • When you hear that inner voice telling you’re not good enough, stop and analyze it. 
  • Remind yourself of your accomplishments and be proud of yourself. Don’t hesitate to share your successes with your network. This not only helps you build credibility but also boosts your self-confidence. 
  • Reach out to mentors, coaches, colleagues, or friends who can provide guidance and encouragement. They’ll often help you see your achievements in a new light and offer valuable perspectives.
  • Continuously invest in your personal and professional growth. This will increase your self-confidence and add value to your personal brand. 
  • Choose to show up today and share what you have learned so far. Believe me, it’s a lot!

Every time I’m about to get to a new level, I get hit by the same self-doubt yet again. But now, I choose to acknowledge it, but I don’t let it stop me from taking small steps I can take today.

Have you experienced Imposter Syndrome?