What do Iris Apfel and Steve Jobs have in common?

Unmistakable personal styles that became integral parts of their brands.

Iris Apfel’s vibrant and fearless approach to fashion isn’t just for the cameras; it’s woven into the very fabric of her business. Every piece of jewelry and bold outfit reflects her design firm’s innovative and unique flair. Her personal style is more than a statement; it’s a brand manifesto that speaks of originality and authenticity.

In his signature black turtleneck and jeans, Steve Jobs wasn’t merely making a comfortable fashion choice. He was crafting a narrative of simplicity and innovation that became synonymous with Apple. When you think of Jobs, you’re instantly reminded of Apple’s sleek designs and user-centric products.

Iris, with her vibrant jewelry and eclectic fashion, and Jobs, with his iconic black turtleneck, both exemplify how an authentic style can transition from mere attention to lasting recognition.

In my own journey, red has been a standout in all my branding. More than just my favorite color, it symbolizes passion, a core value that defines me.

Embracing and showcasing your style isn’t just about standing out; it’s about creating instant recognition.

Here’s how to weave your style into your brand:

  • What could be your signature element? It could be a particular colour, an accessory, or a style element.
  • Ensure your identified style reflects consistently across all your branding touchpoints.
  • Let your true style shine through in your communications, your content, and your interactions.

So, dig deep, find that signature element, and let it become the backbone of your personal brand story.

Don’t fit your style into your brand; shape your brand around your authentic style!