Please, STOP doing this on LinkedIn. You are going in a wrong direction.

  •  “Let’s have a quick discussion! How are you, [Your Name]? I have a quick question: how are you doing x and how much does it cost you?”
  •  “Hi [Name], straight to it: We’re on a mission to revolutionize [specific industry or problem]. Fancy a quick chat?”
  •  “Hey [Name], no fluff – I believe our [product/service] can bring value to [their company/role]. Mind if we discuss it?”
  • “Hello [Name], quick one: We’re working on something groundbreaking. Thoughts on a call?”
  • The list goes on…

The answer to all of them – NO I DON’T

And my favorite ending: Trust me- it will be worth your time. No, I don’t trust you. Because I don’t know you. And I see, that not only don’t you know me either, but you also have no interest in getting to know me either. How do I know? Because you didn’t even take a moment to look up what exactly I do and make it relevant.

LinkedIn isn’t Tinder-you can’t just swipe right on everyone hoping for a match. It’s about fostering genuine professional relationships. Understand their role, industry, and challenges before sending a message. Be more personalized, more genuine, more YOU.

And most importantly- don’t pitch the minute your connection request is accepted. Take time to build relationships and your credibility. Get me to know you, get me to like you, get me to trust you first.

Every message sent is a reflection of your personal brand. So, next time you’re about to hit send, ask yourself: Am I swiping right or truly connecting?