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Do you want to find new customers & grow the sales of your company?
Do you want to stand out from the competition?
Do you want to be perceived as a go-to expert in your field?
Do you want to rise on the career ladder?

The Brand Named You will show you how to achieve your goals. Yes, in the world there are hundreds, if not thousands of books written about personal branding. However, despite the increasing popularity of personal branding, this book is the first one to actually offer you a very clear, thorough and hands-on tools and a step-by-step process for creating your personal brand and developing it.

It is people who do business with each other, not companies. So, this book is meant primarily for people who want to grow the sales, profit and value of their company with the help of personal branding of themselves, their employees and the company’s CEO.

A strong personal brand helps you to stand out and find customers in whatever field – be it the selling of training courses, business counselling, real estate, B2B sales and export, politics, cooking, personal training, beauty services, designing web pages, training dogs or something completely different that you want to focus on in the future.

The aim of this book is to help you think through and create your own ideal personal brand, and once that has been done, to also package it attractively and market it effectively.

You will:
Get crystal clear on your goals
Identify your values and your passion(s) and learn how to use them to connect with your ideal customer on a deep emotional level
Find your unique sales advantage, that no one can copy
Identify your ideal target audience
Develop your irresistible offer
Craft your personal brand story, that your ideal customer can relate to
Select the right channels
Develop your personal branding strategy
Draw up a specific action plan and take the first steps in the direction of your dreams

320 pages of valuable information
100 practical steps
easy-to-follow framework
clear strategy
a proven system that works

“The Brand Named You” is an outstanding step-by-step guide for exceptional personal brand positioning. A unique blend of authors expertise will help you discover your core reputation branding values and show you how to use them to elevate your online presence and business. This book is not just something every coach, consultant, an entrepreneur should read but also CEOs who are aware that the future of successful business depends strongly on their and their employee’s personal brands.”

Catherine B. Roy, CEO & Founder, Award-winning Thought Leader, Internationally recognized Personal Growth& Business Coach
“If you have no meaning, you are not a brand. What could be a better wake-up call to millions of the executive to finally come on stage, stop hiding behind corporate signs and start gaining trust from clients. Timing for Olesija’s book could not be more right. The COVID has changed the momentum for work from home, but also deployed new habits to use social media to show to the world who you really are.

If you want to grow your value in a job market, or if you want to protect your business – use very straight forward technics from “The brand Named You” to flood your ventures with a torrential downpour of buyers. Remember people stick to those who hold big ideas since the majority do not have their own. Express your ideas – build your personal brand” – Arkadijs Steimans, founder of Europe’s premier angel investor club CHANGER.
The Brand Named You offers an invaluable and comprehensive insight into personal branding. The Brand Named You contains immediately actionable advice relevant for those who are starting out in industry alongside those who need to reboot their career and take the next leap forwards. Brendan Dorrian, Global Retailing


2 reviews for E-book The Brand Named You

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    This album proves why The Woo are the best band ever. Best music ever!

  2. Maria

    Can’t wait to start mixin’ with this one! Irba-irr-Up-up-up-up-date your theme!

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