Are you struggling to create original content?

Contributing to the overall conversation is critical to building a powerful personal brand. You can only become a thought leader if you share your thoughts, right?

But what if you’re struggling to create original content at the pace you had hoped? Here is a simple yet very effective solution-embrace the power of content curation. Share articles, podcasts, or videos that resonate with you and provide value to your audience.

By curating relevant content, you demonstrate your expertise, broaden your knowledge, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. It also allows you to foster meaningful connections and engage in conversations with other opinion leaders.

Here are a few things to ask yourself before hitting the share button:

1. Does it align with my personal brand and expertise?

Does the curated content relate to your niche and the topics you typically discuss? Ensure that it reinforces your personal brand and shows your knowledge and expertise.

2. Is it valuable and relevant to my audience?

Evaluate whether the curated content provides value to your target audience. Will it educate, entertain, or inspire them? Consider their interests, pain points, and aspirations when sharing content.

3. Does it reflect my unique perspective?

Don’t simply share the content as-is for the sake of sharing. Instead, add value by providing context and your perspective. Explain why you find it relevant, write a short summary and highlight the main key takeaways. Relate it to your personal experiences. This personal touch adds to your unique viewpoint and enhances the value of the curated content.

Remember, each piece you share should reflect your personal brand, showcasing your expertise and viewpoint.