To LinkedIn or not to LinkedIn during vacations?

As with summer also come our well-deserved vacations, the question often arises: should we remain active on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn or take a break to fully disconnect and recharge?

Advantages of Staying Active on LinkedIn:

Stay Connected and Engaged:
Remaining active on LinkedIn during vacations allows us to stay connected with our professional network. We can stay updated on industry news, engage in meaningful conversations, and even leverage our vacation experiences to network with like-minded professionals. It keeps us in the loop and maintains our professional presence.

Professional Branding and Visibility:
By staying active, we can continue to build our professional brand, share valuable content, and nurture our online reputation. It can be an opportunity to expand our reach and attract new opportunities even while on vacation.

Professional Development:
Vacation mode gives us more time to connect, access industry-specific articles, write, participate in discussions, and continue our professional development journey.

Disadvantages of Staying Active on LinkedIn:

Blurring Work-Life Boundaries:
Remaining plugged into LinkedIn during vacations can blur the boundaries between work and personal time. It may lead to a constant urge to respond to messages, engage in work-related discussions, or seek validation through online interactions. This can impede our ability to disconnect and fully enjoy our well-deserved break.

Limited Opportunity for Relaxation:
Notifications, work-related updates, and the pressure to stay engaged can create a mental burden, reducing the opportunity for genuine relaxation and unwinding on vacation.

Missed Moments of Presentness:
Staying active on LinkedIn may distract us from being fully present in the moment. Instead of immersing ourselves in the vacation experience, we might be preoccupied with checking notifications, responding to messages, or strategizing our professional social media presence. This distraction can take away from the joy and depth of our vacation experiences.

I have tried both extremes. Today I believe that finding the right balance between professional visibility and allowing yourself dedicated time for relaxation and reflection is crucial. Keeping a minimum presence works best for me. I also don’t recommend that my clients fully disappear for the whole summer, as returning later would always be challenging. Instead, I suggest planning ahead and using the schedule button to stay visible without spending too much time on social media:) Being visible on social media doesn’t equal scrolling through the feed all day long!

How do you navigate the professional social media dilemma during vacations?