Personal Branding: How Persuasive Are Your Social Selling Skills?

Social media is inevitably the most used platform in marketing nowadays. If you are a business that is trying to build its brand on social media, then Episode 105 – Create An Exceptional Personal Brand on the TRUE Success podcast is for you. The fact is people buy from people who they know, like, and trust. But sometimes, it is hard to determine who is true or not in social media. Personal branding is a great way to sell yourself online.

Personal branding is not about bragging; it is about creating an authentic human connection with your audience and target market. Imagine being invited to a big party with lots of people who are mostly your target market for your business.

How would you want those people to perceive you?

Do you want them to know you before you even enter the room?

Or are you more of a person who wants to be talked about after you leave the party?

Your Personal Branding is Your Ambassador

Creating personal branding doesn’t mean that you must be picture-perfect on social media. Talking about your weaknesses and struggles can create a better connection with your audience than you imagine. If you incorporate your personal branding into your marketing and communication process, it will open different opportunities for your business. Also, it will allow people to quickly communicate with you genuinely.

How do you make your personal brand your ambassador? Building your personal brand doesn’t mean that you have to be a whole other person online. Effective personal branding consists of your passion, values, and strengths. These factors will help your brand be authentic and help your target market easily relate to. Plus, people who want to work with you will already have an idea if you are a good fit if you incorporate these things on your social media.

How Does Strategic Personal Brand Work?

Your personal branding has to be effective to open more opportunities for your business. Apart from integrating your values, passion, and strengths into your brand, it is important to think about your audience or those you want to sell to.

People’s buying decisions rely heavily on their emotions. Thus, knowing who your potential customers are is crucial. You have to 

  1. Understand yourself
  2. Understand your target customers, and 
  3. Know how you want them to feel about you

If you are able to determine these three things, you will be able to build perception, trust, and visibility on social media that will make your personal branding strategy effective.

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