How to develop your expert position?

Today’s society is changing so rapidly that no one can escape continuous learning and development. However, this is especially true for those who want to be experts and valued professionals in a particular subject. The more you know about your field and the more you acquire different skills, the more valuable your personal brand will be in that field. Personal branding expert Tom Peters calls this the development of “higher competence” – as you continually develop yourself, you will become one of the most valued professionals in your field, valued by employers, colleagues and the industry as a whole.

Continuous learning means keeping our brains fresh and sharp all the time, which in turn helps us generate new and more productive ideas. But being the best expert that nobody knows about, is of no use, neither to you nor to the world.

Write down what is still missing from you being a credible & visible expert in your field and add to the list 3-5 things that you could still improve about yourself.

Is there something that is relevant for you to still learn?
Is there any shorter training course that would help you to gain considerable success in your work?
Who should be in your circle of influence? Who should know about you?
What channels should you use to build your credibility and visibility as an expert?
With whom could you partner to create synergy & win-win solutions?