Can personal branding help transition to a new industry or role?

A common misstep many make is starting to think about their personal branding ONLY after exiting a company. Waiting until you’ve walked out those corporate doors to think about your brand is like trying to build a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Here’s a thought: Why not harness the power of the corporate platform WHILE you’re still a part of it?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can personal branding help in transitioning from one industry or position to another? Say, from corporate leadership to starting your own business or exploring new career opportunities?” The answer is a definite YES. Being a part of a strong company provides visibility and a solid foundation of credibility. It will be much more difficult once you are on your own!

Steps to Keep in Mind:

  • Define your branding goal:¬†Understand your brand’s essence- your personal brand DNA and the direction you are heading.
  • Understand the company’s goals: Identify how your company can benefit the most from your thought leadership.
  • Craft your action plan:¬†Chart out your journey while you’re still anchored within a reputable organization.
  • Start amplifying your personal brand:¬†Amplify your brand’s strength using the company’s platform. The more formidable your personal brand, the greater its value, benefiting both you and your organization.

So, before you think of venturing out, look inward. Shape and shine your personal brand from within the corporate walls. It’s more than just wise; it’s strategic and the best part- it’s a win-win solution!

Dive deeper into this approach in this video.

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