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Olesija Saue

…Do you ever find yourself procrastinating?
I’ve noticed that when it comes to making my dreams a reality, that’s when my procrastination skills truly shine. But why put off what could potentially change our lives for the better?

I’ve discovered two strategies that help kick me into gear:

Combine Goals: I brainstorm ideas that excite and scare me simultaneously—projects that help me achieve multiple goals at once, creating a domino effect. It’s about finding a game worth playing. And making it FUN.

Accountability: I make my goals known, making myself accountable not just to me but to as many people as possible. Visibility matters:) And the fear of public humiliation by not following through pushes you forward through the I don’t feel like doing x…

I have an ambitious dream: to grow my personal brand internationally on a scale that’s both terrifying and exhilarating. This challenge brings all my inner dragons to the forefront, attempting to dissuade me. I’ve been procrastinating on it for quiet some time already- I’m too busy, I don’t have time, who am I.. the list goes on..

I also struggle with consistency when it comes to my email list, I fail to create a content plan for myself, I have thought about launching my podcast for years…again, the list goes on..

But what if I turned this into a game, an experiment that combines all the pieces of the puzzle and shares every step of my journey, including the ups and downs? My hypothesis: In today’s digital era, becoming an internationally recognized expert in just one year is possible and doable. And I have a plan which I believe is a win-win on multiple levels

To prevent myself from backing out, I’ve made a commitment: starting April 1st, I’ll be sharing my journey weekly in my newsletter, employing the “I.T.S F.U.N T.O B.RA.N.D M.E” methodology. I’ll share everything—my victories, my setbacks, and the exact steps you can apply to your own brand-building. Im ready to be vulnerable, to take tons of imperfect baby steps. I want to learn, grow, and, most importantly, allow myself to play. Let’s see where it takes me, but looking back at my experience, I’ve never regretted the crazy things I’ve committed to. Just the one’s I’ve never dared to try.

If you’re curious about growing your personal brand on a global scale, I invite you to follow me on this adventure. Will I succeed, or what will I learn? We’ll find out on April 1, 2025.

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