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Olesija Saue

I started to notice that with every passing hour, it more and more dims my inner light, skewing my perspective and eroding the joy and passion I usually feel towards my work.

So today, in between meetings, instead of tackling another “elephant” on my list, I took a brief escape to the park near my office. A short walk under the autumn sun became an unexpected catalyst for change. Surrounded by the symphony of rustling leaves and embraced by the golden warmth of the season, I was enveloped in a moment of profound reflection. As I sat, absorbing the distant hum of the city and the immediate sounds of nature, the weight of the to-do list began to lift. Not because its demands had lessened but because my inner state had transformed.

With my inner sun reignited, the mountain of tasks before me transformed into exciting challenges. What had before appeared as a burden now seems like intriguing puzzles awaiting my touch. Each item on the list shifted from an obligation to an opportunity.

This momentary pause under the autumn sun served as a powerful and much-needed reminder of the intimate connection between our inner state and our external reality. The world around us may remain unchanged, with its demands and pressures constant, but how we perceive and interact with it can be dynamically altered by our internal well-being.

The to-do list remains, but its nature has changed for me. Through a shift in perspective and a reconnection with my inner essence, even the most formidable tasks took on a new light. They became doable and fun again.


Life’s beauty isn’t just in the grand milestones or immense challenges but also in these fleeting moments of connection and introspection. There is tremendous value in pausing, genuinely observing, and diving deep into the rhythm of life.

Have a sunny weekend, and take time for yourself because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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