Are you too busy to be posting on social media?

Busyness often seems to be considered as a measurement of success. When I ask people how are they doing, I often get the common reply- Oh, you know, sooo busy… So not surprisingly, when we are talking about personal branding, I also hear the same phrase- I would like to… I know I should..but I’m too busy for that. And I totally get it.

And you know, I also get into this “busyness mode”, but I think it is very counterproductive for our business because normally we are busy with things, that are urgent, but not necessarily very important. Personal branding is a marathon, not a sprint. It is easy to put it aside and deal with it tomorrow.

But it is a long-term investment with very high dividends. So even if you are busy, you should not ignore personal branding.

Check the video below for 2 simple hacks to build a personal brand while being busy doing other stuff 🙂