9 resources that can work for your personal brand

In order for your personal brand to stand out, it needs to be targeted to the right focus group through appropriate channels. Social media is a very powerful channel, but you should cross-market with other sales and marketing channels to get the best results. The choice of channels and resources is constantly changing, and it is happening at a tremendous speed. In order not to waste your time and money aimlessly, you need to think and develop a strategy that suits your personal brand.  

1. Social media is your free platform to talk to your target audience without the 3rd parties involved. In B2B and professional context the best platform to focus on is LinkedIn.

2. Traditional PR is necessary to build credibility and confirm your positioning as a go-to expert. Every public appearance has a huge impact on the brand’s reputation. Be sure to cover all events, public appearances, and published articles on social media as well to amplify the impact. 

3. Your personal website
If you want to take your personal brand to a whole new level, think about your personal website as your personal branding hub which comes first in google search and your target audience can learn first-hand everything you want them to know about you.

4. Conferences give your visibility, credibility and the possibility to increase your circle of influence. If you want to be perceived as an expert, you need to be on stage-both physical and virtual.

5. Keywords.
Search engines are an important channel for maintaining reputation and visibility. Keyword-based advertising can be very precisely directed to the right target group, and in that case, it will be very effective. The most important thing about this is to do thorough homework to find out which keywords are right for your target group. It is also important to be aware of the keywords that your competitors are using. 

6. Media kit.
A professional media kit not only helps to build a professional image but also saves time.

7. Mailing list.
Social media algorithms change all the time and the only resource that is truly yours is your mailing list. Take time to invest in building genuine authentic relations with your audience, provide value and stay consistent.

8. Organizations.
Different types of organizations give you quick access to your target audience and provide you with an opportunity to speak to many people at once vs. spreading your message 1:1

9. Writing a book
There is no better and more effective way to position yourself as an expert. Giving your book to a potential customer instead of a business card is a very powerful marketing tool.

Check today’s video for more insights and let me know your thoughts.