How to promote employer branding on social media?

Nowadays, simple job offerings are not working on social. So if they don’t work, what does?

The topic of Employer Branding has gained massive importance and that’s exactly why building a strong Employer Brand online is now more important than ever. We live in the era of real-time communication, and Social media makes it quick and accessible for EVERY company to build a strong Employer Brand online.

Your company is awesome. Your people are awesome. You know it. Your employees know it. So why not let the rest of the world see your real people?

If you want your employer brand to start truly leading, give your employees a voice, and use authentic people in your job offerings. Don’t talk about how great your company is- show it.

  • Let your people share their experience and why they work for your company.
  • Let your people share their stories.
  • Help them find their passion, their why and topics, that resonate with them personally and make their eyes shine.
  • Give them the platform, so that they can become conversation-starters, true industry influencers and thought-leaders.
  • Let them shine because people who would want to work for your company resonate with your real people as their future colleagues much better than with any polished corporate message.

Your people are a critical key to your employer brand’s success, both on social and in the physical world. Don’t ignore it!