Takeaways from creating video content for LinkedIn

Another day of video shooting is done! It has already been 3 years since I’ve been creating video content for LinkedIn & I am writing this post to celebrate my consistency and progress and share some lessons & takeaways from this personal journey.

  • Video creation (like all things:) gets easier the more you practice
  • No, you will not run out of topics as new questions and new angles emerge all the time
  • Yes, you are going to start loving it at soon point, sooner or later
  • Your message and a way to answer questions will become more concentrated and clear, resulting in shorter videos. I managed to make all of my new videos in under 1 minute.
  • Yes, LinkedIn algorithm and people love video & you will get more views and more shares
  • Most popular videos are” x steps/ways how-to” with a clear to-do checklist
  • Yes, you are going to get used to seeing & hearing you on camera
  • I find video format the best to create consistency and use it with many clients to save time. It took us around 3 hours to film all the last videos & I will have video content for several months
  • Subtitles are a must, as most people watch videos on their phones without sound
  • Best format I’ve found for myself so far is one question and one clear answer
  • Video is second best after face-to-face interaction to help people to get to know you
  • Use questions that people ask you to generate new ideas for your videos
  • I keep flexibility and relevance by choosing the videos I will post depending on my current priorities and ideas and often write posts to compliment the videos or expand on the topic
  • Video content creation is a journey, not a destination
  • No, you don’t necessarily need high-quality production, as mobile phones are more than capable of doing an excellent job. You need a good phone, good light, and good (varying) background. I work with Kert Kruusakivi, because my videos serve as an example for our customers and have to be of high-quality and also editing part is not one of my favorites 🙂
  • Don’t use the same background in your videos, as people will not understand whether this is a new video or an old one:) for the same reason, change your outfit.
  • No, you don’t have to worry about negative comments ( at least not on LinkedIn)
  • Don’t wait till you get it all perfect, start and you will get better and better

Video format and live streaming are future trends, so if you haven’t started experimenting with video, do it now.