So, what do we actually post?

This is the most popular question I get, both from my personal branding customers and companies who have started to realize that social media is extremely important nowadays. So I thought that I would give you 10 ideas, and you could use this video as a cheat sheet, and believe me, you’d never have a problem with content ideas ever again. So here we go.

1. Industry news/trends. And to share this type of content, you don’t need to create anything; you need to monitor your industry and the keywords that you want those other people to associate with your personal brand or your company brand. Just don’t forget to add your opinion about it, because this is what adds value to your audience.

2. Your company news. People are interested in your company. They are interested in your small and big accomplishments.
So think about different things that you can share in your company’s context and how your customers would perceive it.

3. Your product and especially product innovations. People want to know and learn about new trends, and this could be a perfect topic for posting on social media as well.

4. Thought leadership of your employees.
Think about different areas of importance to you and find truly knowledgeable and passionate people about this topic and build recurring content around thought leadership. Help your people find the topics, that interest them enough to learn about and share their findings.

5. Coffee Corner. Think about different things your employees are talking to each other about and what could be of interest to your target audience on social media. A lot of good findings in this category!

6. Job offerings. Your employees would be happy to share authentic and interesting job descriptions to help them attract good future colleagues.

7. Use hashtag #lifeatourcompany for your people and bring some behind the scenes and your people. Show the human side of your company.

8. Leadership. Think about how you can inspire, not inform.

9. You can always use your partner’s content in your content strategy. So think about your partners. Think about people and companies with the same zone of influence and target audience, and try to pick the topics you can use.

10. Show your people and create different topics to make up a series of posts. Perhaps it can be a hobby, passion, or favorite book. However, there are various topics that you can integrate into your content creation to humanize your brand and provide value to your target audience.

And last but not least, don’t forget to have fun and try to find things that can be funny, inspiring, and would resonate with your target audience.