Personal branding myths: Ever feel like you’re juggling multiple hats?

I work as a (………fill the blanks), but I’m also a (……..fill the blanks) and a (……..fill the blanks), and I have a hobby (……..fill the blanks), that I would like to become a business. I work for this company but also have my own business (multiple businesses). But all of them are so unrelated- how can I build a personal brand? How many brands do I need?

Here is where many people get it wrong. Personal branding isn’t a mere collection of hats we wear. It’s not solely about the different roles or interests we have. It’s deeper than that. It’s about our unique personal brand DNA, the core of who we are. And just like there is only one YOU, there should be only one PERSONAL BRAND.

Here is the secret. Seemingly unrelated disciplines can create the most beautiful symphonies. It’s the intersections of our diverse passions that make us unique.

Don’t just focus on the ‘what’ you do. Dive deep into the ‘how’ and ‘why’. When you do, all the ‘whats’ align perfectly. Weave your varied experiences into a narrative that resonates, offering unexpected value. Your unique value proposition that NOONE can copy is rooted in your personal brand DNA- a unique mix of your strengths, values, passions, why, style, and story.

That’s the essence of personal branding: a fusion of authenticity, varied experiences, and a genuine desire to make an impact.

Remember, it’s not the multitude of hats you wear but the unique way you wear them.