10 questions, that help to put your WHY into words that matter

1. Put together a list of 25 verbs, that are meaningful to you (i.e. to inspire, to educate, to…). Select the most important one.
2. If you had to tattoo one verb on your skin, what word would it be?
3. If all people in the world could get the benefit of this action (your verb), what would the world look like?
4. What would be a one-sentence, that you would like to see on your grave plate?
5. What activities make you feel that time stops/disappears? Use verbs from question #1
6. What activities are easy for you /you enjoy doing for the sake of doing (i.e. speaking, writing)
7. What type of results bring you the most satisfaction?
8. Put together a list of 25 topics, that you are interested in, want to learn more about and can’t help but talk about this topic to anybody who would listen?
9. If you were asked to talk on the topic, that truly matters to you, what would that topic be?
10. Look for patterns/recurring topics in the answers 1-9 and wrap it up into one sentence:

To….. (my contribution) ….so that…. (my impact)

You will know when you get it right, so keep digging.