What makes your posts truly VALUABLE ?

Key Takeaways:

  • Answer the burning questions your customers constantly ask.
  • Break down your vast knowledge into bite-sized learnings.
  • Read an insightful article or research piece? Share a concise summary!
  • Aim to inform, save time, and provide actionable steps for your audience.
  • Share insights, key learnings and trends you observed from a conference you attended. 

Personal stories, the hurdles you faced and how you overcame them.

Your perspective, share what matters to you, explain why it does and why it should matter to others.

Don’t hold back! Sharing generously doesn’t reduce your worth; it elevates your authority. 

Remember, often people know the ‘how-to’, but they’ll still want YOU for execution.

Take a moment, swipe through, and reflect:
Are you using all these types?
What might you integrate into your content mix?

Btw, have you noticed, that I’m using different formats to share the information, Why mix up formats?

Main reason-Diverse Learning Styles: We absorb information differently. While some love video, others prefer reading, so the more different formats- the broader is the audience that can get value from you message.
Presenting information in different ways also helps to remember it better.

Check out the video for a deeper dive. What is the value that you look for in the posts that you interact with?