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Following my last video on the convergence of NLP and Personal Branding, I’ve decided to delve deeper. Personal branding isn’t just about the external image we portray, but it’s deeply intertwined with our internal beliefs, fears, and aspirations. And most importantly- our inner state.

There are many techniques to change our state, but the quickest and easiest is to change our physiology. You see, our body and mind are deeply interconnected. The way you position your body or control your breath can drastically affect your emotional and mental state. Ever noticed how slouching can make you feel lethargic or down while standing tall boosts your confidence?

Here’s how you can quickly change psyciology to change your state and boost your brand:

  • Deep Breathing: Simple, yet powerful. It calms the mind and helps center you.
  • Focusing on what you see, hear, and feel gets you out of the mind and into the body.
  • Power Pose: Adopt a stance of confidence. Stand tall, shoulders back, chest out. This can increase feelings of power and assurance in mere minutes.
  • Dynamic Movement: Jumping jacks, a quick walk, or even a short dance break can elevate mood and energy. I love to write posts and articles after physical exercise and the best ones come after hanging upside down for an hour on a pole:)
  • Smiling: Even if you have to force it initially, the act of smiling can genuinely enhance your mood. Just hold a pen with your teeth for 5 minutes and see what happens. You will be surprised.
  • Eye Positioning: Looking up can stimulate visual recall and creativity, while looking down can help with introspection and accessing feelings.


  • Reframing Negative Thoughts: Replace every negative self-talk like “I can’t do this” with empowering questions such as “How can I make this work?” “What if my message helped even one person?”
  • Visualization for Clear Messaging: Visualize your brand’s core message before you do anything. See it, feel it, believe it. The more evident it is in your mind, the more apparent it will be to your audience. Imagine what you would want people who read your message to see, hear, and feel.
  • Metamodel Questions for Clarity: When crafting your brand message, ask yourself expansive questions. Instead of “Do people want this?”, ask “How can I ensure that what I say aligns with my audience’s needs?”” How specifically can my post help my reader”?

Third: Now write/speak from the heart; it never lies. And it is the only way to reach the hearts of your listeners.

Remember, a strong personal brand is built from the inside out and the only one who can truly change your life is the one you see in the mirror.

p.s. this picture is taken at a MARIMO FASHION boutique in Tallinn. Follow the founder and lead designer Mariliis Pikkar for tips on how to inspire your confidence through fashion.