Do you know what is one of the easiest ways to create a genuine personal connection with your audience and amplify your personal brand?

We were happy to share our personal stories and talk about personal branding on one of the most popular podcasts in Estonia and in this post I wanted to discuss Podcasting from the Personal Branding perspective.

There are 2 ways to amplify your personal brand through podcasting.

  • EASY-START: Being a regular guest on podcasts gives you a possibility to reach a wider audience and spread your message. Podcast features not only increase your visibility but also add up to your credibility.
  • PRO: Hosting your own podcast is a great way to position yourself as a thought-leader & put to your advantage celebrity branding (best example-Tim Ferriss)

Among other benefits:

  • Most intimate connection with your audience
  • Unlimited possibilities for learning and growth
  • Access to amazing experts
  • Numerous partnership opportunities
  • Multiple ways to repurpose the content
  • Cross-marketing by podcast guests