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Your personal brand must contain considerably more than just the visual side and well-planned marketing activities.

It must first and foremost include your values, attitudes, beliefs, competencies, charisma, a clear purpose and a broader strategy. It must create a desired, yet the authentic image of you. However, the most important thing is to know what exactly you want to achieve with your personal brand.

Creating a successful personal brand requires you to understand what you really want to do, who you really want to be, what is your Why, what you really dream about and where do you want to get. This clarity is what gives your personal brand authenticity.

Once you have laid a solid foundation you need to include another important part into the equation – packaging and marketing. And believe me, if the foundation is solid and you have clarity about your product-yourself, you will be also much more eager to package your personal brand attractively and market it effectively to maximize your possible impact and reach your ideal customers. Because you might be the best expert in the world and have the most authentic personal brand, but if nobody knows about you, it will not work.

You really need to have both to succeed.