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Personal branding isn’t about ‘selling’ yourself. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. It’s about positioning yourself as a visible and credible resource for those who could genuinely benefit from your expertise and experience. IT IS ABOUT THOSE YOU CAN HELP.

Here’s how to build a magnetic personal brand without feeling ‘salesy’:

  • Value first: Always lead with the value you can offer. What problems can you solve? How can you serve your audience? Speak to their needs, not just your achievements.
  • Share stories, not just services: Share your journey, your challenges, and your triumphs. Let people get to know and connect with the real you.
  • Engage: Building a brand is a two-way street and true branding is conversational. Foster dialogue, be genuinely responsive and immerse in building relations. To be interesting, be interested.
  • Seek feedback: Understand your audience’s perceptions. Regularly ask for feedback and be open to adapting. Your brand should evolve as you and your audience do.
  • Collaborate: Join forces with others. This expands your reach and adds a layer of credibility to your brand.

Remember, when you change your perspective from ‘selling’ to ‘helping’, you attract those who genuinely need and value your offerings. And that’s when the magic happens. Your personal brand becomes not just about you but about the impact you create.

What is your relationship with selling? Share your thoughts and insights below!

p.s. If you’re ready for a deep dive into authentic personal branding, DM me