“Commenting for visibility” strategy can work against you.

“Comment on 20 posts a day to grow your personal brand!”
Let me give you another side of the story.

My client asked me yesterday – “there is this odd guy who comments on all my posts. I don’t know him- should I block him?”

Obviously, the client doesn’t see any value in those comments, and his perception of the commenter is as ‘some odd guy’ instead of a knowledgeable professional. Clearly, not the intention of the commenter.”

Because it’s not just about being seen, in personal branding, every action and interaction reflects your professional identity. When you comment on posts that truly align with your skills and interests, you naturally communicate your expertise and value to others.

Comment and share if a post sparks a real thought or a valuable perspective. Your comments should feel as natural as they are insightful, showcasing your expertise without effort. Your strongest and most effective interactions will come from a place of genuine engagement fueled by real interest. This approach not only strengthens your brand but also invites more meaningful engagement.

If you have to think hard about what to say, it is likely that what you eventually do say will not have the intended impact. The principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming teach us the importance of congruence and authenticity. External communication is most powerful when it’s in harmony with your internal thoughts and values. If finding something to say in a comment doesn’t come easily, it might not be congruent with your expertise or brand message. In such cases, it’s better not to force a comment. Engage when you feel a genuine connection or have something substantive to add.

If you don’t have anything valuable to say- DON’T!

So, instead of aiming for a quota of comments, focus on the quality of your interactions. Your professional reputation on LinkedIn should be built on thoughtful, congruent engagement that underscores your expertise and adds REAL value to the conversation. That’s how you create a personal brand that resonates and attracts the right kind of professional attention.

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