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Employee advocacy programmes

People do business with people, not brands or companies.Your best sales and marketing channel is your employees.

Suppose the employees’ personal values align with the brand’s corporate values, and employees’ personal branding is integrated into the company’s employer branding and overall communication strategy. In that case, it can not only bring real measurable results but also increase employee engagement and overall satisfaction levels.

Every employee serves as a business card for their company, and everybody who works for a company plays an essential role in developing its brand. We often don’t think about the fact that we represent our company or employer also outside of work, and we are, therefore, like brand ambassadors. In reality, we shape the company’s image 24/7 with our actions and words. How we speak to others about our work in our free time or what we post on our social media accounts plays an important role from the viewpoint of the company’s branding. Thus, it may be said that the easiest and most effective way to create a strong company brand is the development of the professional personal brands of its employees.

The primary goal of employee advocacy is to empower your people as conversation starters, influencers, and even thought leaders—companies benefit as an indirect but very tangible byproduct rather than a direct goal.

Your people are the heart and soul of your business. You’ve gone the extra mile to attract the best people — who regularly go above and beyond their everyday responsibilities to take your company to new heights. The main goal of the employee advocacy program is to help the rest of the world to learn how unique your company is and the people who have chosen to work in it.

Often, employees aren’t sure how to represent themselves or their brands on social media because they don’t have enough directions and personal importance to get started. This program will help create a clear roadmap for each participant to increase employees’ confidence and guarantee the best possible outcomes for the participants and the company brand.

Organizations face one question: how to incentivize employees within a program like this? Our approach is simple yet the most effective—we build the program in a way that makes employees feel empowered and motivated. We tie employee advocacy back to your employees’ individual goals, and given the right understanding, necessary resources, framework, and a reason why they should do it, most of the employees will gladly participate in the program and contribute to the success of the company. Growing and developing their professional brand and achieving their personal goals is a good reason to contribute.

Based on case studies from our own experience as well as supported by international case studies and research on the subject, that employee advocacy programs are a true win-win solution, which not only helps the companies to make the most of their employer branding initiatives but also contributes significantly to employees development and overall satisfaction with their job.

The international research company Gallup points out in its “World Poll” survey that as many as 85% of employees hate their daily work. Personal branding helps employees to find answers to the questions of who I am, what do I really want to do, and why do I do my job. Helping employees to find answers to these questions provides a deeper meaning to their everyday job and increases their motivation and willingness to contribute to the company’s success.

2-3 hour inspirational seminars
1/2 or full-day workshops
6-12 month programmes



360 DEGREE approach brings together corporate branding, employer branding and personal branding of the employees, helping to create win-win solutions for all parties involved. A comprehensive framework helps employees understand and consciously design and develop their personal brands and create a clear link between the personal brands of the participants and corporate & employer brand and their unique role as brand ambassadors.


Like any other branding, personal branding is purposeful and well-thought-out. This includes not only communication outside but also inside the company. The development of a personal brand identity must be addressed systematically. But before the start, it’s important to understand what the personal brand should and shouldn’t be. The most important thing is to know exactly what each employee wants to achieve with the help of personal branding on an individual level and how to integrate personal branding into the overall employer and corporate brand strategy. The 7- question system is based on the 100 practical steps in the book Brand Named You.

A vibrant work culture that flows with creativity is our secret


Creating a personal brand is, first and foremost, about creating the best possible version of yourself. It is continuous self-development that begins with self-understanding. Creating a successful personal brand requires understanding what you really want to do, who you really are and whom you want to become, what you dream of, and where you want to go. Only when you have laid a solid foundation can we discuss the second important part of the equation – packaging and marketing. We help the participants in the training to FIND THEMSELVES. We give them the tools, but we also help them to leave their comfort zone comfortably and at their own pace. We believe that people take inspired action when they believe they have more ability than they thought. We believe that people take inspired action when they know their WHY. Therefore, our employee advocacy program includes challenging people to get to know themselves, helping them to align their personal goals with those of the company to do more than they have before, and empowering them with the right knowledge, tools & support to make efforts that will yield a positive result.

participants feedback

  • EVERYTHING! I absolutely loved everything about this training. Really! I have attended numerous trainings in my life, but every minute of that training was not only practical but truly inspiring. I got so many little tricks that I could implement immediately.
  • Their attention to detail and every participant left a very thorough and professional impression of them.
  • Main takeaway-All great things start with a person, and behind big things/deeds are simple and ordinary people.
  • After this training I felt like I am a superhero. Literally.
  • I connected with almost everything in the personal branding module, but mostly with the part that I create my own reputation every day, with every action and every word. I represent myself all the time and everything can be repaired, even if there is damage to my reputation.
  • The most important thing was to change the mindset about social media, to finally understand what is compatible with my brand and what is not. This change has been lasting so far and I believe it will remain so.
  • Very inspiring training. For me, the most important takeaway was the goal-setting and planning approach.
  • Trainers know their topic well. They were energetic and motivated.
  • Very knowledgeable and inspiring trainers
  • There were so many things to take from this training, so it is hard to sum all the value up in the feedback. This training really made me think: Who am I? What do I really want? How can I contribute to my own personal success and the success of my company?
  • It is up to us personally to take responsibility and consciously manage our personal brands and the perception that others get from the interaction with us. From now on, I first think about my why- why do I do what I do and who are the people, whom I want to reach and influence with my message.
  • I got a lot of new ideas and insights about personal brand, the steps to understand and consciously manage it; and a lot of straightforward ideas of how to amplify my personal brand using social media.
  • Great trainers! They had a lot to teach and they were engaging both in terms of presentation and methodology.
  • I loved the trainers and their performance!
  • Both trainers were very knowledgeable and their synergy was also very enjoyable.
  • Both trainers were very good speakers, had a good command of the topic, and were able to engage participants, although the training was virtual.
  • The trainers were specialists in their field and gave a very good engaging training
  • Very good trainers
  • Both are very experienced and engaging.

organizers feedback

Olesija and Evelin contributed a lot to SEB Ambassador’s program and helped our employees to realise why it is important to work with your personal brand and shared numerous tips and tricks to do so. They were very supportive throughout the process and encouraged our employees to go on a full-on personal brand journey. It was lovely to see how committed everyone in the process were and how our ambassadors became more and more open and courageous. I am genuinely happy that developing a personal brand is getting more popular and even so-called regular people can do it. As Olesija and Evelin said, if you are not creating your personal brand then someone else will do it for you, and maybe not in the way you really want and not according to who you really are. I definitely recommend other organizations to invest in employee advocacy programs because it creates significant value for the company as well as provides a great development opportunity for the employees.

Kaisa Pelt Talent Acquisition Partner at SEB Eesti

Olesija and Evelin are extremely inspiring as trainers. Their synergy and igniting energy captivates the audience’s attention and inspires the teams to work together. They convey the topic of personal branding perfectly not only because they know the subject, but because they are also passionate and fully present with both the heart and soul. They have the magical ability to inspire people to live their own best lives, to create the best version of themselves. I am extremely grateful that you ignited the participants of Flight IV “Teacher – Spokesperson for Education”! Thank you!

Jaanika AasaSA Innove

After your training our brand ambassador program came to life and our brand ambassadors became very active on social media. In my opinion that is the best indicator of successful training!

Kadri RatasEducation and Youth Board

For me, as a manager, your workshop was like a gold mine. In the light of the recent pandemic, we have been struggling with connection, community and deeper meaning in our teams – we have been lacking answers to the question “Why do I do what I do?”. The moment, when we as a team discovered, that we actually do have common values with eachother and that these values align with the ones of our organization, was priceless! Thank you for this beautiful emotion from both me and the whole team!

Maxim MelamedIF Insurance

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