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People have NEVER bought anything from companies and brands, they have always bought services and products from REAL PEOPLE behind those brands.
Building your business around personal brand DNAs of real people working in the company is the best possible sales and marketing strategy and the only true way to attract and connect with your ideal customers.

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I helps corporate clients as well as aspiring start-ups and small-to-medium sized businesses to stand out from the competition and achieve their business goals through the strategic use of social media and personal branding of the CEO's and employees.

I also help with inhouse brand ambassadors programs development & implementation as well as strategical usage of personal branding in corporate communication and employer branding.

Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Professionals

Learn to see the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur- not just being valuable and creating value, but learning to communicate it to a world

if you are looking to ...

  • Stand out from the competition and gain the trust of your customers
  • Grow your value in the market
  • Find your Personal Brand DNA and package it as your unique selling proposition that no one can copy
  • Make the most of yourself, do what you love, sell without selling, achieve your goals and build your business around yourself and your passion and contribute the most to the world.

Let me help you to think through, create and launch your own ideal personal brand, and once that has been done, to also package it attractively and market it effectively.


If you have no meaning, you are not a brand. Stop hiding behind corporate signs, come on stage, and start gaining trust from your clients, your employees and your investors.

Business Owners, CEO's & Startup founders if you are looking to ...

  • Grow the sales, profit and value of your company
  • Gain the trust of your customers, employees, partners and investors
  • Turn your employees into passionate, happy and motivated brand ambassadors

Let me help to make both your personal brand and personal brands of your employees your best sales and marketing channel.
As a certified executive coach, I facilitate the process of self-discovery and as a personal branding strategist, seasoned entrepreneur and marketing professional, I help to package it attractively and market it effectively. If you want to discover how YOU can achieve your business goals using the only true unique sales proposition that no one can copy- your personal brand DNA, i invite to Book your free strategy call at the link below:

Brand ambassador programs:

Every employee serves as a business card for their company, and absolutely everybody who works for a company plays an essential role in developing the company’s brand. The employees’ voice has a lot of weight and the employer’s brand becomes stronger the more motivated and informed its spokespeople and brand ambassadors are in the company. If you want more queries and to grow sales, you must invest in your employees and help them create strong personal brands. Via your employees the content and value created by your marketing team will reach the right customers much faster and more effectively. Employees with a strong personal brand are the best communication and sales channel of their employer, and therefore, every employer should support the development of their employees’ personal brands and tie them with the brand of their product or service. The stronger the personal brand of the employee, the stronger brand ambassador he or she is for the company. If the personal branding of employees is integrated in the sales and marketing process, it can bring along real measurable sales results and a considerable growth of sales. Integration means that, instead of single random posts, these posts will be consciously connected with your personal brand and other sales and marketing activities. Yes, this presumes a strategy and the training and supporting of people. However, only if you trust your people and invest in the creation of their personal brands can they share in their own networks, under the umbrella ofyour company brand, the story of your brand that sets you apart from your competitors and brings in sales revenue. Companies and their leaders who have understood the importance of personal branding in today’s changing business world and put it into action strategically, are several times more successful than their competitors. It is time to go along with changes or miss the train!

CEO personal branding

The real value of the company lies not only in its assets, know-how and experiences, but equally important is the image of your company, its owners, managers and employees in the heads of your potential and existing customers, i.e. the brand.
Every employee influences the opinion about the employer as a brand, but understandably, the biggest influence is with the owner or general manager of the company. Branding starts with the management, decision-makers, their beliefs, attitudes, values and goals. These determine the content and show the direction.
You must have heard the expression that “every company has the face of its owner or leader”. In today’s world, this carries a significant monetary value, as found by various studies. For example, one of the leading communication companies in the world, Wever Shandwik15 has studied this topic in further detail together with KRC Research. Their latest study proves that almost half (44%) of a company’s market value is related to the reputation of the CEO of the company. The same study also reveals other advantages that CEOs with strong personal brands bring to their companies. It appears that:

  • 45% of employees relate the reputation of the company to the reputation of the CEO.
  • 77% of employees are loyal thanks to the reputation of the CEO.
  • 87% of investors make a positiveor negative investment decisionbased on the reputation of the CEO.

As consumers become more demanding about products, services and companies, there is a more demanding attitude towards the reputation of the employer and the CEO.

The more successful you want your business to be, the more important personal branding becomes. In today’s digital society, this is no longer an option to be overlooked, and it needs to be marketed just like your products and services. Those with a clearer, more memorable, distinctive and stronger brand will win. It is not a question any longer whether it becomes imperative for your business, but when.  Social media gives every CEO a unique opportunity to tell the story of their company and to support and leverage their brand.

Social media provides independence from traditional media channels, and CEOs can now deliver their message directly to their customers without negotiating with the media. Content marketing and social media provide an unlimited opportunity to be constantly visible. People want to see real people leading businesses, to identify with their values and be informed about their views. More and more internationally successful businesses are led by people with strong personal brands.

Mary Barra, CEO of General Electric,
“All companies are first and foremost about people- because the only way to build truly successful businesses is to build lasting relationships inside and outside the company.”