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To build brand awareness among the target audience and increase company visibility on LinkedIn.


Levira launched an employee advocacy program and selected nine people as brand ambassadors. The ambassadors were trained to promote Levira on LinkedIn, but it was found that continuous support was needed for this to be successful. A posting plan was created with each ambassador, monthly 1:1 meetings were scheduled to help ambassadors stay on track, and weekly activities, statistics, and featuring of the best posts were part of the regular sales meeting. Ambassadors received full support with every post if needed, and the most relevant posts to the company were reshared on the company page.


Levira’s brand visibility on LinkedIn increased by 1414% and the overall global statistics showed an average company visibility increase through brand ambassadors of 561%. This initiative allowed Levira to have a more comprehensive selection of topics to promote on the company page, using the unique knowledge and perspective of the brand ambassadors. The personal network of the CEO, Tiit Tammiste, was strategically and proactively grown, resulting in increased visibility and relevance to the audience. The plan is to do the same with the rest of the team and engage salespeople in social selling to start actively generating leads through LinkedIn. The program also resulted in more engagement from other employees.

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