Case Study: Owner Executive Personal BrandingSurface Transport & Logistics

From unknown subcontractor to a prefered strategic partner

Arkadi Berman



For small and medium-sized companies aiming to go global in general, but especially for the brands that are providing sub-contracting services and competing on a price point alone, it is close to impossible to stand out from the competition.The biggest challenge was that Eumar Design was not talking to the decision-makers and this was holding Eumar back; they knew they could corner more of the market if they had the ability to present their brand and the solutions to the right people.



To address this challenge, we implemented an integrated approach focused on building personal connections with key decision-makers in the industry. The first step was to optimize the CEO’s personal profile on LinkedIn, followed by adding 10,000+ key decision-makers to his LinkedIn network. The CEO was positioned as an opinion leader in the field, with 1:1 communication initiated with key decision-makers.

Active content creation during campaign periods was also a priority, with a minimum of one post per week to stay visible. This approach helped to ensure that the message reached the target audiences of interior designers and ship-owners. As a result, Eumar Design was able to significantly increase brand awareness among stakeholders, receive speaking invitations, and open up a new market in less than three months.


The integrated approach resulted in increased visibility and a new market for Eumar Design in less than three months. Brand awareness among stakeholders was also significantly increased. By working with only one platform, LinkedIn, and focusing on building the right audience and managing content, the integrated approach ensured that the message reached key decision-makers in the target audiences of interior designers and ship-owners. The awareness and strategic relationship building efforts helped to elevate Eumar Design to where it belongs.

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