Kaisa Pelt

Olesija and Evelin contributed to SEB Ambassador’s program and helped our employees to realise why it is important to work with your personal brand and shared several tips and tricks to do so. They were very supportive throughout the process and encouraged our employees to go on a full-on personal brand journey. It was lovely to see how committed everyone in the process were and how our ambassadors became more courageous. I am genuinely happy that developing a personal brand is getting more popular and even so-called regular people can do it. As Olesija and Evelin said, if you are not creating your personal brand then someone else will do it for you, and maybe not in the way as you really want and not according to who you really are. I definitely recommend everyone to keep up to date with the things that Olesija and Evelin do and learn how to develop your personal brand step by step