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Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, filled with curiosity and aspiration, yet held back by uncertainty? Turn to Olesija, your ultimate guide to unlocking your potential. Her unwavering dedication to supporting and steering you makes her the go-to person.

Olesija doesn’t just offer guidance; she crafts an experience that resonates with you. She’s your beacon of light, illuminating the path to your aspirations and dreams. Whether you’re seeking a mentor, a maestro of brand identity, or simply reassurance on your journey, Olesija has you covered.

In her presence, you’ll rediscover the sparkle in your eyes. She empowers you to reclaim your potential and reach for the stars with a precise strategy and actionable steps. Attempting to capture the essence of Olesija’s impact could fill pages, as her gentle encouragement and perceptive nudges pave the way for your growth.

Embrace the enchanting blend of Olesija’s compassionate guidance and gentle motivation. Reach out to her, and witness the rekindling of your capabilities, accompanied by a well-defined roadmap toward your dreams.

Anne Matizen
Event Architect,

I read somewhere that you only need one person to believe in you, to fly. Olesija is the mentor I needed so much at a turning point in my life and career. In her immersive programme and with her expert guidance, she allowed me the time to reflect on who I really am and what my personal mission is – something we tend to forget in the rush of the everyday, especially when juggling in multiple roles 24/7 – something that is so important if we want to achieve our goals! Her encouragement and faith in my uniqueness (and the mismatched-unexpected skills that may be more useful than I thought) gave back “the me that I left behind” on the road of trying to fit into the “corporate mold”, being afraid that if I show who I really am, I may not be taken seriously enough, etc…. I am excited about the journey to come!
I warmly recommend Olesija to everyone who is on the road to self-discovery and wants to expand their networks to find their own tribe!

Edina C.
Senior Social Programme Officer, European Investment Bank (EIB)

I have had a privilege to take part a training and mentoring programme provided by Olesija about personal branding and professional use of LinkedIn. I find the cooperation with her really valuable. As a warmhearted coach and top of the top in personal branding, she has helped me to gain knowlege and confidence to grow my professional network and improve my coaching practice. I truly recomment cooperation with Olesija Saue.

Merit Luik
Founder, Coach, Trainer, Next Move OÜ

I recommend Olesija if you want to really put your LinkedIn profile to work in creating your own success. LinkedIn helps you create your own branding, and she has a very relevant system for how to do it, knowledge that you can apply and a constant interest in how you are really doing and what you still miss. Honest and clear feedback is what I value and that is what Olesija offers. Love it!

Tiina Tohver
Sales and Leadership Coach, Tohver Studio OÜ

I was part of Olesija’s LinkedIn mentorship group and I highly recommend Olesija as a mentor and her LinkedIn mentorship group for a person who wants to become more aware of their brand and be more active on LinkedIn to build their professional profile and social media visibility. Olesija’s support, feedback and tips are very inspiring, encouraging and eye-opening. Olesija is very thorough and puts her soul into her work, which means that her mentorship and tips bring real results. In addition, the group is very supportive and active, which is particularly helpful for being accountable for results.

Triinu Hansen
Founder, Fidelitat Consulting

I participated in Olesja’s LinkedIn group mentoring program and definitely recommend her when one needs help with personal branding, LI profile build-up, secrets of successful posting, expanding your network etc. Participants of the group are very supportive and tips and tricks acquired from there really work in real life and increasing one’s visibility in social media.

Katre Vahtra
CEO, Concise

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