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Olesija is an amazing businesswoman. In every aspect, she aims to strive for more. She has a very analytical and mindful mind. Which is an amazing compliment for her strategic planning and outlook. She knows not only how to internalize and execute. Use that and teach it and implement it in others as well. She comes from an authentic place which is the core of her success. The insight and wisdom are hidden within her.

executive personal branding and coaching
Ammar Saleeh
Talent partner, Powur, PBC

I am absolutely impressed with dedication, precise strategies, eye for details, focus, knowledge as well as a sharp mind and a huge heart Olesija has. If I was to imagine my ideal client, coach or a business partner who is a pleasure to work with, Olesija would be my first choice! I highly recommend hiring Olesija on your personal branding journey and don’t miss her book “The Brand Named You” . I had a pleasure to read it and I am sure that it will enormously help you to establish your unique, powerful personal brand!

executive personal branding and coaching
Catherine B.Roy
International Business Coach & Best-Selling Author, LHM International

Olesjia is a top-level brand manager and a real pleasure to work with. I approached Olesjia to advise with my business launch, media attention, exposure of the company with articles and coaching on how to maximize the public perception of our company in our targeted channels. Her key strengths are a hands-on approach, fast and responsive work and the ability to strategize on the best way of delivering a good message. I highly recommend Olesijas’s competencies and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Toomas Allikas
Founder & CEO, Greenful Group

Collaboration with Olesija has been rewarding. Her skillset mix is a great combination of corporate strategy, digital business development, and personal branding. Olesija’s positively inspirational mindset is combined with a professional and systematic approach – a formula that generates high impact. Olesija builds the frameworks where people and organizations as a whole can accelerate their brand ambition execution. I recommend teaming up with her when you are looking to level up your corporate and/or personal brand that relay on your own well-defined DNA.

executive personal branding
Mart Maasik
Head of Entrepreneurship / Investment Director, Tartu University

Olesija is an energetic and high-mission businesswoman. She always sees opportunities, believes in herself and instils it in others. It is good to develop together with her. The ability to create a personal brand is one of the basic skills in today’s world. Together with Olesija is easy to learn to create it. She shows you the starting point for how to build the world you want to live in. She is a great coach.

executive personal branding and coaching
Ülle Susi
Interim manager, coach & mentor,

“If you have no meaning, you are not a brand. What could be a better wake-up call to millions of executives to finally come on stage, stop hiding behind corporate signs and start gaining trust from the clients.
If you want to grow your value in a job market, or if you want to protect your business – use Olesija’s very straightforward technics to flood your ventures with a torrential downpour of buyers. Remember people stick to those who hold big ideas, since majority do not have their own. Express your ideas – build your personal brand” 

executive personal branding and coaching
Arkadijs Steimans
Founder, Changer Club

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